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  The problem is, Ning Ye milk long gone home, although the family elders, but it’s not their loved ones, is to persuade a few anyway, can not always stare Ning home.Rather partial river man, end is a smiling Buddha’s appearance, who have repeatedly urged him to nod, how about the back also how, typical humbly accept incorrigible.


  He Yulan mention something minimal bags, she is not to mention moving the same time can have a night to think of her, and now has basically want to see, I can be heavy work, she may not have to make do and Kurtis together to have a good day, as long as the money, do not make money?She knows much more than others!By the time she lived a good life, perhaps even envy it Pei family!


  The students sitting in even more unscrupulous, and other people can not see them like that, all head down to the little finger on the keyboard brush brush of moving forward, in front of the fast ruthless steady classmates, just part of the photo, had been shot a large group photo good few photos to the forum, and there is a separate photo of the president, there is a photo with leaders, as well as the final and winning all the students stand together.