[Can diarrhea leaf drink water to lose weight]_ flush water to lose weight _ can you

[Can diarrhea leaf drink water to lose weight]_ flush water to lose weight _ can you

Senna is a leaf of a plant. It is named after its action. Then, senna has the effect of removing impurities, purging laxatives, and water, so people who often have constipation can choose this plant toRecuperate.

The main method of using this plant is to soak it in water. Some people want to lose weight and think of using this plant to defecate themselves.

So can senna leaves drink water really lose weight?


Senna is a dry leaflet of the legume Narrow-leaf Senna or Sharp-leaf Senna.

The former is mainly produced in India, Egypt and Sudan, and the other is mainly produced in Egypt, so Guangdong, Guangxi and Yunnan are also cultivated.

Usually harvested in September, dried and used raw.

It tastes sweet, bitter, cold, and returns to the large intestine meridian. It has the effects of diarrhea and stagnation, laxative, and water retention. It is a commonly used medicine for constipation and constipation.It has toxic and side effects on the insulin system. The senna peptides contained in senna can inhibit the absorption of water in the large intestine, increase the contents of the intestine sharply, and increase the tension of the large intestine, causing abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting.Can induce upper gastrointestinal bleeding, manifested as upper abdominal pain, vomiting coffee-like liquid or tar-like stool.

2. Causes colonic melanosis: For patients who take it for a long time, the complications caused by too much are more serious.

Because senna contains anthracene anthracene, this substance has an irritating effect on the inherent mucosa. Over time, it will cause pathological changes in the internal mucosa, which is clinically called colonic black lesion.

Colonic black lesions are currently considered a precancerous lesion that can cause colon cancer.

3. Causes neurotoxicity: It has been reported that there is facial numbness, dizziness, no sensation or itching when urinating, and pain in the trigeminal nerve distribution area with varying degrees of pain, and urine may appear in large dosesRetention, malignant blood pressure changes, etc.

4. Reason for formation: Too many people use senna for a long time due to habitual constipation, and the result is a supplement.

Once the drug is discontinued, reactions such as flushing of the face, increased body temperature, anxiety, difficulty sleeping at night, loss of appetite and faster breathing, increased blood pressure, and systemic pain will occur.

If you continue to use senna, these reactions will disappear again and again and again.