[Effects and effects of Chuanxiong]_Chuanxiong_Nutrition value_Benefits

[Effects and effects of Chuanxiong]_Chuanxiong_Nutrition value_Benefits

Chuanxiong is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine that everyone realizes. This kind of traditional Chinese medicine contains valuable nutrients and has many benefits for human health. It is a good thing for treating diseases. It is usually used in combination with other drugs to treat diseases. The following introduces this traditional Chinese medicinePowerful effect.

First, blood circulation and qi ① used as coronary heart disease angina pectoris, symptoms of chest tightness and belching, recurrence of tenderness in the precardiac area, the author can be used with safflower, salvia, Jiangxiang, red scallion, Guanxin No. 2 prescription.

② For diseases caused by qi and blood stasis, such as early menstruation, multi-colored red, blood heat, can be used with habitat, peony skin, angelica; late menstruation, 1?
Once every 2 months, low back pain during menstruation, leucorrhea multi-colored white, equivalent to angelica, artichoke ginger, eucommia, cinnamon.

③ For dysmenorrhea, if the back pain is very bad before menstruation, see the menstruation one day after the pain, and use with angelica, peach kernel, safflower;; For postpartum abdominal pain, equivalent to Angelica, Pao Jiang.

④ Used for bruises, local swelling and pain, can be used with gardenia, peach kernel, and safflower.

Second, Qufeng analgesic ① used for cold headache, belongs to the wind cold, can be used with nepeta, windproof, white peony; belongs to the wind heat, can be used with chrysanthemum, mint.

② It can be used for rheumatism and pain, and can be used equivalently to cricket live, solitary live, and windproof.

Third, Xingqi Kaiyu ① used for cholecystitis, abdominal pain and pain, can be used with Bupleurum and Scutellaria equivalent.

② It can be used for gastroenteritis, abdominal pain, vomiting and heartburn, and can be used with dandelion and woody incense.

Fourth, the effect on the central nervous system Chuanxiong has obvious sedative effects. Chuanxiong has a small amount of volatile oil that can inhibit the activity of the animal’s brain, and it has an excitatory effect on the cerebrum respiratory center, vascular motor center, and spinal cord reflex center.

However, it cannot fight rat convulsions caused by pentylenetetrazole.

Intragastric administration with Chuanxiong decoction 25-50g / kg can inhibit spontaneous activity of rats, and it is more sedative for mice than rats; it can also prolong the sleep time of pentobarbital, but it can not cause anticaffeineExcitement also does not prevent the convulsive or lethal effects of pentamethenetetrazole, cocaine.

The volatile oil part of Chuanxiong produced in Japan has an inhibitory effect on the brain activity of animals, and it has an excitatory effect on the vasomotor center, respiratory center, and spinal cord reflex of the cerebrum. When the dose is increased, it is turned into inhibition.

Fifth, the effect on smooth muscle 10% aqueous solution of Chuanxiong extract on the uterus of pregnant rabbits in vitro, can stimulate the pregnant uterus in a small amount, increase the transfer tension, increase the contraction, and eventually contraction contraction; a large number of anti-uterine paralysis and contraction stop.

Continuous injection of Chuanxiong extract into pregnant rats and rabbits resulted in necrosis of the fetus in the uterus, but did not fall. Therefore, it was deduced that the necrosis of the fetus could be caused by the contraction and contraction of the fetus in the womb affected by the animal’s uterus.

Chuanxiong extract can inhibit the small intestine of isolated rabbits or guinea pigs in a small amount, and the large intestine completely stops the contraction of the small intestine.

Sixth, in vitro tests such as antibacterial effects Chuanxiong has inhibitory effects on large intestine, S. songi, deformation, pus aeruginosa, typhoid, paratyphoid and vibrio cholerae.

Chuanxiong water extract (1: 3) also inhibits certain pathogenic skin in test tubes.